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The Off Season Art Gardening project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is also funded by the Municipality of Mariestad, the University of Skövde, Sweden, the organization Sense of Place in the Netherlands and the Municipality of Ukmerge in Lithuania.

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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening5 dagar sedan
Finally the perennials are put into the soil! Go and have a look at the sculpture of artist Ulrika Jansson, situated near the boule and beachvolleyball courts in Mariestad!

Chrysalis is a sculpture or a building, a creature, a nest, a spirit or a temple. It can be experienced as a faceless figure and at the same time as a shell. It is a place ready to be filled with souls, contemplation, seclusion and to be visited temporarily or inhabited during a winter and after a metamorphosis fly out like a new creature in the spring.
Inside the sculpture, the sounds from the activities outside are muted. Through the hole in the ceiling, the face, a small view of the outside can be seen. At the same time as life outside is limited, sharpness is also given.
The wooden structure is covered by a black feather-like shavings that are burnt with the traditional Japanese wood treatment technique Shou sugi ban and then treated with linseed oil. At the outside of the sculpture's sole plate there are insect nests for solitary bees. In front of the sculpture, there are flowering perennials, oak logs, stones and a sand heap, offering a microhabitat for insects.

In the artwork, the artist Ulrika Jansson has chosen to collaborate with the artisan Per Brandstedt from Falköping who is an expert in using wood burning. Nioform in Hällekis has manufactured part of the inside wood structure using robot technology.
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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening5 dagar sedan
Have you seen our new sculpture in the harbor area, the Mariestad Totem, made by artist Jonas Liveröd?

A totem is a protective object or symbol that works as an emblem for a group of people such as a family, a tribe or, in this case - a city.

What you have in front of you is Mariestad's own totem. It is a wobbly but warm balancing act that sends a wink to the city's second acrobatic sculpture, the fountain “Vänerskutan” from 1966 which you will find on the square. In the work Mariestadstotem, we find contour sawn patterns taken(in swedish it´s called “snickarglädje” which means carpenter's joy) from wooden buildings in the region and the entire sculpture is supported by the most important of all - Alina, a Mariestad girl who was nine years old at the time of the sculpture's creation. Here, Alina becomes both a representative of the inhabitants of Mariestad but also its patroness in this totem sculpture.

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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening2 veckor sedan
Meet the textile artists Margrét Kållberg and Olivia Bonnevier, Sweden

Mother and daughter working together at their firm Färgkraft in Lyrestad, Mariestad municipality. They work whith dyeing textiles, screenprinting, weaving and embrodery in all types of natural textile fibers. They experiment and mix hard and soft materials in two and three demensions, preferably wool and iron. They also make knitting designs in their own developed wool yarn. All their work is always in a sustainable development, choosing only wool from our scandinavian sheep and dyes and approaches that are environmentaly friendly.
Together they have made several exhibitions. They also work with different groups of people from 10 to 80 years old and love to inspire their groups, to create new things in different techniques, to wake awareness of the sustainability of natural fibers. In this project they have led public workshops that resulted in co-created artworks along the Art Trail Tidan.

For more information visit their webbsite www.fargkraft.com
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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening3 veckor sedan
Old sculptures of kings and naked nymphs, but now it's 2020. If you´re in Mariestad, you can see a monument to our time and our place, our own "Mariestadstotem" by artist Jonas Liveröd.

More information(in swedish) on https://www.dacapomariestad.se/mariestadstotem


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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening4 veckor sedan
Through intensive workshop weeks in Mariestad, Konststigen Tidan is now shining. This is thanks to the artists and workshop leaders Färgkraft AB and dedicated participants from the "Språkvän" project and units in the municipality(AME and Daglig verksamhet). In addition, there will also be an inauguration of two permanent works in Mariestad on Saturday. More information is available at

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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening1 månad sedan
Next Saturday it is time for the inauguration of the sculptures Chrysalis and Mariestadstotem by Ulrika Jansson and Jonas Liveröd. Sign up at https://www.dacapomariestad.se/

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