About the project

The Off Season Art Gardening project is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union. It is also funded by the Municipality of Mariestad, the University of Skövde, Sweden, the organization Sense of Place in the Netherlands and the Municipality of Ukmerge in Lithuania.

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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Meet Cora Bosch, The Netherlands

Cora grew up near Amsterdam and she now lives in Friesland. She started her creative career in 2014 at the Academy for realistic fine art in Deventer. In 2017 she wwnt to the Art Academy Friesland.

Cora Bosch works with different disciplines such as land-art, photography, drawing, painting – but sculpturing appeals the artist the most.

“The outside is often nothing what it seems like. You have to look further to discover reality. I express this through material use, for example glass, color, dark and light and the open forms.”

Find out more about the project Off Season Art Gardening and have a glance at pictures from the art work within the project here:
Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Sneak peek from yesterday's sketch proposals in Mariestad from the two artists Jonas Liveröd and Ulrika Jansson. They have both made ambitious interpretations of the place and its surroundings which gives us many stories to tell in relation to the artworks.

We are excited to follow this process!

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Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Meet artist Jonas Liveröd, Sweden

Jonas work is defined by an on-going exploration of materials and mediums. In recent years he has had solo-shows at among others Gallery Steinsland-Berliner, The Drawing museum, Örebro konsthall, Alma Lövs Museum, Ystad museum of Art, Concordia (NL), Hans & Fritz Contemporary (ES) and Haninge Konsthall.

Jonas Liveröd has recieved numerous awards and grants and is currently reciever of the Swedish Arts Councils five year grant.

Curious about Liverödland? Explore it here: http://www.jonasliverod.com/
Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Say hi to blacksmith Andrius Janulis from Lithuania

Andrius is a blacksmith who developed his skills at the Lithuanian Academy of Arts, speciality metal art. He is from 2014 – today participating at the traditional exhibition of city Ukmergė artists.

Andrius has had exhibitions in Ukmergė gallery and in Skara, Herrljunga Sweden.

He also participated in the international art project “Sea-knot“ (Klaipėda) two times. Andrius has been an organizer and participant of the international metal art symposium in Ukmergė city “A lot of pigeons in Ukmergė“ and a participant of an international blacksmith symposium in Užventis country.

Andrius has created many different pieces of art through the years. Have a look and get inspired here: https://kalviokiemas.com/
Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Get to know Ulrika Jansson, Swedish artist

Ulrika Jansson’s practice has its roots in place and the interconnections of the natural ecology and culture.

She explores actions, methods and objects that affect human imagination and perception to create ecological intimacy and an experience of the interdependence of everything on earth.

Her art works; installations, sculpture, drawing, video, sound and performance, make inhabitants sensitized to their surroundings and by extension to the environment at large. A number of her commissioned public art works have engaged with birds, bats and solitary bees, visualizing and inspiring positive socio-ecological relations in cities.

Ulrika Jansson has a Master of Fine Art from Konstfack University of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm from 2005 and has participated in exhibitions and artist in residencies in several countries since.

Learn more about Ulrika Jansson and her work here: http://ulrikajansson.b-cms.se/category/1/untitled-category
Off Season Art Gardening
Off Season Art Gardening
Meet Jack Visser, artist from the Netherlands

Jack is a multi disciplinary artist who is not shy to experiment. He makes abstract paintings and uses strange materials such as sand, cement or clay mixed with paint or pigment.

Lately he is also looking for other ways of expression by means of installations, sculptures ans landart.

What fascinates him as an artist is the landscape, the elements and the primal forces of nature. With his work he wants to convey his respect and love for nature to the viewer.

Learn more about Jack Visser and his art work here: